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Plas Cadnant reopens – Restored after the Storm

Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens are delighted to announce that restoration work following the damage caused by Storm Eva on Boxing Day 2015 is nearing completion. We will be opening for the season from Sunday 2nd April with newly restored areas open to the public.

Owner Anthony Tavernor said: ‘It has been a challenging time following the devastation caused by Storm Eva on Boxing Day 2015, the reinstatement of the damage has been ongoing for over a year and is now near to completion, the Gardens will reopen for the 2017 season on Sunday 2nd April.’

The flooding occurred when the land above the Gardens was hit by a deluge of rain that ran into the Walled Garden, filling it like a tank. Part of the lower wall was swept almost 200 yards into the River Cadnant below. Fortunately nobody was injured and there was no damage to any buildings.

The Gardens are part of a large restoration programme ongoing since 1996. Most of the garden had been untouched for over 70 years, large areas had disappeared under a dense canopy of self-seeded trees, laurel and wild rhododendron. The Walled Garden and valley areas were only accessible with the use of a chainsaw.

In 2011 it was decided to open the Gardens to the public to help put them on a sustainable footing as the Gardens are privately financed. Nowadays the Gardens make a significant contribution toward the local economy, bringing visitors from around the world into North Wales and Anglesey.