The Original Garden Visitor's Guide

Evenings with Trees at King John’s Nursery

We have two fantastic evenings planned with local tree consultant Clive Mayhew on 14th and 15th October. Join us then for a glass of fizz or wine and a guided stroll around the garden, which will be followed by a delicious supper and a fascinating talk by Clive.

Based in East Sussex, Clive is an expert in landscape history and the role that individual trees and woodlands have played in forming the land around us. He will give us an understanding of why our gardens look the way they do and do the same with the woodlands that surround them. This is a rare opportunity to really learn about the historical development of our beautiful local landscape and gardens.

14th September: Gardens trees and their introductions

15th September: Woodland Archaeology

£25 includes a Welcome drink, talk & supper.

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