World Encyclopedia of Trees – 2020 Edition Fully Revised


A beautifully illustrated guide to trees from around the world with clear, accessible, informative text from the subject’s leading experts. Detailed descriptions are given for over 250 of the most beautiful and popular trees in the world.


This beautifully illustrated volume, substantially updated for this new large-format edition, is the ultimate reference guide to more than 1300 of the most spectacular, best-loved and unusual trees across the globe, from the huge redwoods of California to the banyan trees of south-east Asia. A comprehensive introduction looks at the origins of trees, how they have evolved over time, and the ways in which they have adapted to suit the variety of terrains in which they thrive.

The three directories feature trees from Temperate and Tropical America; Britain and Europe; and Africa, Asia and Australasia. Each entry is accompanied by a hand-painted illustration, and includes identification details such as bark texture; leaf shape and size; flowering time; average height; and overall tree shape. It is an authoritative volume that will form a vital part of every family’s natural history library.