The Great Cedar at Painshill

Painshill’s Great Cedar chosen as one of 70 Ancient Trees dedicated for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The tree at Painshill in Cobham, Surrey, is part of a UK-wide network of 70 ancient woodlands and 70 ancient trees unveiled by His Royal Highness in his role as Patron of The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC).

The Prince of Wales, who is also a Royal Patron of the Painshill Park Trust, set up in 1981 to restore the gardens, said: “These working woodlands and magnificent trees span our nation’s amazing landscape and exist for everyone to enjoy. The Ancient woodlands and trees can be found in urban as well as rural environments, from National Parks to residential areas, representing the unique diversity of all corners of the United Kingdom.

“Trees and woodlands have a profound significance for us all – their steadfast and reassuring presence a reminder of our long serving Sovereign and her enduring dedication. Let us ensure that in her name we can now protect and strengthen this wonderful living Canopy for the next seventy years and, hopefully, way beyond. And, above all, let us ensure that future generations can celebrate and enjoy them.”

The Great Cedar was planted in the 18th century by Charles Hamilton, original creator of the spectacular Painshill landscape, and is thought to be the largest multi-stemmed cedar in Europe. Hamilton was described as “painting with plants”, using them to create atmosphere and beauty, and planted cedars in particular places to draw the eye of visitors and create a dramatic moment in a view.

Sir Stephen Lamport, Chairman of the Painshill Park Trust, said: “We are overjoyed that the Great Cedar at Painshill has been chosen to form part of this nationwide network, playing a meaningful part in the nationwide celebrations of Her Majesty’s work over 70 years of service. We are honoured to have The Prince of Wales as our Royal Patron and to be able to honour Her Majesty and her Jubilee in such a fitting way.”

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Painshill - The Great Cedar